Greetings, everybody.

Welcome to my blog, the West Lancashire Flags Project. This post is a brief introduction to what I will be doing on this page for the foreseeable future.

Shown within non-metropolitan Lancashire

On this blog, I will be posting my designs for flags for the towns, villages and whatever else, from my home West Lancashire, seen in the red above. West Lancashire is a non-metropolitan district in the historic county of Lancashire in the North-West of England. It has twenty-one civil parishes, and two small towns.

I am an amateur vexilologist (flag designer) with no experience doing anything like this except when playing around on my photo editor software on my laptop. However, what I can tell you is that the imagery of this county is, well, a tad unpleasant.

This image below is the coat of arms for West Lancashire Borough Council.


There is a lot of symbolism in this coat of arms, and a lot of potential. However, it pains me to say that it is not very pleasing to the eye. Yes, the church on the hill in the market town of Ormskirk, famous for its unusual coupling of both a tower and steeple, is a notable feature of the area. But that mixed in with Lancashire roses, fleurs de Lis and rampant lion from Upholland, the wheat from Skelmesdale, and everything else make it all so busy. Whilst this is not a flag, it is an example of just how messy these things can be.

I hope my niche little project entertains you. Please get in touch with any questions, and enjoy my posts and designs.


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