The village of Burscough in West Lancashire has its origins as a Viking settlement named Burh Skogr, which means ‘fortress in the woods’. The Norse origins of this civil parish would be the inspiration for many of my flag concepts in this post.

My first idea was to take the colours of the football team, green and white, and use them to make Scandinavian crosses. The etymology of ‘Burscough’ encouraged this, with the green adequately representing the forests that the Norsemen sought to name it after.

For the third one, I decided to include a red cross, to demarcate that this is an English parish, despite its Nordic origins. Nevertheless, I didn’t like the look of it. As a result, I decided to add another feature. The linnet, a bird which appears on both the crest of the Burscough parish council and Burscough FC, seemed fitting, given Burscough’s proximity to Martin Mere bird sanctuary.

Above: The linnet bird appearing on the badges of Burscough council and Burscough FC. 

Using this symbolism and adding them to the Scandinavian style flags, this is what I got:

I still wasn’t pleased. After some consideration, I felt that I took the Scandinavian idea a bit too far. Yes it was founded by Vikings, but the village has hardly any Norse elements to it today, nor do many of the population even acknowledge their ancestry or identity as such, unlike places like York or the Shetland Islands.

Consequently, I went in another direction. The linnet stayed, but this time I looked at its location rather than heritage. Burscough is situated on the Leeds-Liverpool canal, as well as being nearby Martin Mere wildfowl reserve. This time, I went with a more aquatic look.

burscough 1

It might seem a bit puzzling as to why the water in the flag is green, but it definitely stands out. Here is an attempt with other colours.

burscough 8

I thought that this definitely looked better.However it seemed a little cheap just lifting the same bird image from the football team’s badge for a flag. So instead, I searched for some other stylised linnets and came across another. I swapped the birds around and this is what I finished with.

burscough 9

Much better.



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