Lathom is an area of West Lancashire which is steeped in history. In the past it was a manor of a man in service of Athelstan, said to be the first king of England. In 1066, it belonged to Uctred, who was an Anglo-Danish landowner. The manor and its lands changed hands a lot during medieval times, however the de Lathoms kept hold of it for a while. After this, it was ruled by the Stanleys who ruled Moor Hall in Aughton and many other homes throughout what is today the West Lancashire area.

The flag of Lathom was one of the easiest to make. The first thing I did was search for the de Lathom family heraldry, and several websites gave me images of a coat of arms containing three circles above jagged spikes, in the colours yellow and blue (and one white and blue).


Many of them looked legitimately from history books, rather than knock-off souvenirs, and so I knew instantly what to do. Going with the more common yellow colour, I decided to use this as the basis of my flag for Lathom.

On Paint.NET I zoomed in on the arms and made the proportions flag sized.

lathom 1

Then I drew over them using shape tools to get this result.

lathom 2  lathom 3

I don’t usually enjoy outlines on flags, but in this instance it looks much better. This isn’t perfect, as my digital art skills are not as honed as they ought to be and the proportions and lines are not well centred, but this is just a draft of what a Lathom flag could look like.


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