Great Altcar

Great Altcar is an incredibly small villageĀ of just 213 people according to the 2011 census in Britain. However, that won’t stop me from making them a flag!

As you’d imagine from such a tiny place, there isn’t really very much symbolism to go off. With that being said, it was incredibly easy for me to design a flag for this civil parish.



The Church of Saint Michael and All Angels in Great Altcar (above) is a landmark in the area, and one of the loveliest little buildings in all of Lancashire, I rate. This building was my inspiration for the flag. The black and white Tudor style is fairly distinctive, especially since the church was constructed in the 1800s. Nevertheless there are records of a church being on that plot of land as far back as 1429. I decided to use a black and white stripe pattern for the Great Altcar flag, however that didn’t seem to be enough.

Next I added a wavy blue line across the foreground of the flag. This would be the River Alt, from which the little village gets its name from (‘Altcar’ being Norse for ‘Marsh by the Alt’). To add a bit more colour, and make the blue stand out some more, I added a yellow border to the river design, that would represent Lancashire on both sides of the river.

great altcar

Presto! A distinctive little flag for a distinctive little village.